House for S.T.

Responsible for:
Space Planning, Front facade Design, B.O.Q., Site Supervision, Design Implementation, Material Selection
Covered Area:
3056 sq. ft.
Bahria Town, Lahore.
Key Features:
1. Brick as the chief building material.
2. Retained the existing tree. It provides foliage as well as shade benefit.
3. Roof insulation: thermal insulation sheet.Wall insulation (West side): Cavity wall + thermal insulation sheet.
5. Marble flooring: durability, ease of replacement, cost effective in the long run.
6. Semi solid doors with ashwood finish.
7. Cabinetry in laminated sheets.
8. All rooms are well lit and ventilated naturally. Artificial lighting not needed during day time.
9. One specific tile selection for all bathrooms. The wastage was utilized in servant’s bath & the ablution area.
10. Maximum windows are on the North side so lesser sun glare.
11. Aluminium windows.
12. Jali panels incorporated in doors and windows for mosquito control.

Freelance, Full-time
Faiza Haroon
Architect at Faiza Haroon Architects Lahore, Pakistan