Severe Click (Logo Design) - My friend asked me to do a logo for his rap ground because hes going to shoot a rap video and he want to print a big Severe Click logo on the background. This is the new official logo for The Severe Click. I got my reference from Frank Miller signature, WCW/NWO logo and the M-26-7 flag, (Fidel Castro's guerrilla flag) DICTATOR STYLE!!! SALUTE US!!!
Severe click (3D) - In order to view this logo you're going to need a 3D glasses because the letters is going to pop out ha ha ha People had ask me if I use 3D software's like Autodesk 3D Max, Autodesk Maya Etc. In fact I didn't use 3D software at all, i didn't even use Photoshop. on this project everything was designs, written, textures, colored Etc. by me. I was aiming for a 3D style. I want the letters to pop up something you seen on a 3D movies.
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Concept Artist, Character Designer, 3D Artist, Etc. Los Angeles, CA