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Cashier counter is form by fiberglass. It is inspired by an alphabet "D" of o.d.m. There is a "D" flip horizontally on both sides from top view.
On the side entrance, it is welcome by seven circular showcases that representing the various colour of o.d.m.
The "23.59" feature wall signifies o.d.m.'s slogan - [ Never Too Late]. It is form by aluminium bottles which insert on wall. This design is inspired by one of the o.d.m package design.
Monolithic design catch one's eyes easily. Therefore, proposed the brand Toy2R - figure Qee which everyone is keen on it as an attraction. Toy2R is one of the collaboration brand with o.d.m. Front of the figure inserted information panel to display advertisement, latest promotion and news. Rear of the figure was as a showcase display the latest timepieces.
The entrance greets guests by having a nature inspire theme. The theme provides a merging suspended leaves shape ceiling and timber strip cover from floor to wall. Reception counter looks simple but is in line of requirements of the Urban Style.
Pantry not only for eating but also for relaxing and brain storming. It has exuded an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. The serene and sophisticated shade of green work well with the cement surface. The suspended ceiling derived from the Leaf. Greenery backed by neutral are seen as eco colours and soothing impression too.
Do you dream of a wall tree to climb on, gather your books like precious fruits? Stack-able and adjoining shelving system do so ! It is proposed in the library with a tree modular seating. This seating brings a sense of sit under a tree reading.
Meeting room is simple to the eye yet modern in design with the eclipse suspended light. The lighting bring a chic ambiance to the space.
7:3 Studios
Interior Designer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia