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110 Moments in our history Exhibition Design

In 2010 I was asked to design an exhibition commemorating the Bank of Cyprus's 110 years of history. Inspired by the fact that the bank has as its main slogan “Common to all Cypriots” I used six “unknown' personalities spanning the whole 110 years to interweave the banks story as a backdrop to their personal success. Through large screen interactive screens, designed in house each character was illustrated and animated in a popup book style to show the stages of his/her development and the importance the bank played in their lives from its early beginnings to the present. Two large semicircular steel structures were erected at the entrance of the exhibition. Illuminated from the inside and cladded using a special translucent material we displayed the bank's most important milestones making this walkthrough timeline the focal point and entrance to the exhibition. The exhibition was designed to travel to other cities and countries over the next two years.

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Alexandros Demetriades
Creative Director/ Nicosia, Cyprus