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Vasa Museum Insatlation & Game

I was asked to come up with an idea to portray memorabilia for a museum of a 19th century schools including old documents and photographs from past students, teachers and donators. Three large interactive screens were placed horizontally across the center of a tree sculpture. A screensaver was designed presenting the different categories as tags hanging from the tree branches. A specially written algorithm allowed for the breezy swaying of the tags. Visitors could touch the tags and access deeper levels of the content.

For the game I embedded wireless rfid readers in desks and gave the children three wooden cards with an rid tag. Multiple choice questions were answered by inserting the correct answer in the specially designed slot in their desks. Real time feedback of the scoring was transmitted wirelessly from the desks and displayed in screens placed on the top of the blackboard resembling old fashioned flip clocks.

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Alexandros Demetriades
Creative Director/ Nicosia, Cyprus