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The Watcher - Self portrait-in 2 different point of views to hip hop--- All Photoshop
Bikerage - Hand drawn Biker Theme for G Unit
Skullcrusher - Hand Drawn then streamlined. Victorian skull theme.
G unit Type - Type First sketched by hand, then redone in Illustrator.
Say Ya Prayas - Core design For Victorian Theme.
Mafia Chick - manipulated in Photoshop , half Pics, Half rendered. Pinstripe Theme.
Ecko Rhyno - Rhino outline with street graffiti life in it. Hand Drawn, streamlined then photoshop
Core Design for G unit Illustrator
Samurai mask - G unit Japanese theme,Illustrator
Samurai Shodown - Illustrator G Unit Japanese theme
Heaven & Hell
Dragon Fire - Hand drawn Then Photoshop style for Avirex
G unit japanese Theme
Ecko/Gunit designs
Azad Gonzalez
Graphic Illustrator/ Designer New York, NY