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Glider overview
Original design sketch and model
Technical ideation/ design sketches.
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Aesthetic ideation sketches/ illustrator model
Revisions and corresponding hand-built protos
Transition to enclosed arm
Prototype evolution
Multiple positions
Factory samples. Note the ottoman positions.
Path Lighting: This is an oversimplified diagram of the concept.
Functional logic.
Backyard Electronics Design: Before sending out for a final circuit to be engineered, I designed a functional prototype by networking and installing a series of pre-existing kits. (1) The assembled and networked kits. (2) Kits "neatly" placed in a project case. (3) Project case installed under right chair arm. (4) Functional prototype.
Nursing ottoman overview
Ideation sketches.
How it works.
Factory samples
Additional concepts I sketched during the ideation phase.
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G2 Nursery Glider with Docking Ottoman

Given a blank canvas and the instruction to design what would be simply be the best performing and most feature-rich nursery glider to date, the G2 redefined the motion furniture category. Features include a first-ever docking ottoman, LED path lighting system, and a hands-free recline/ nursing position. I was responsible for conception, ideation, design, preliminary engineering, prototyping, sourcing, manufacturing, product management, and marketing. The CAD work and final engineering was done by Steve Wood at IT Technical Solutions.

Adam Petrucci
Product Development, Engineering, and Design Franklin Township, NJ