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LED clusters built into acrylic
I incorporated interactive EL rope lighting into an existing storage design. I used pressure sensors to signal a blinking circuit so when you remove any of the baskets, the corresponding frame blinks.
Proto fabrication
LED scroll bars
Car seat game chair conversion.
I retrofitted 2 midrange, 2 tweeters and 1 subwoofer into a generic booster seat, ultimately re-purposing the unit into a gaming chair. I transplanted the internals from an existing gaming chair and added a higher-power sub and amplifier in addition to component speakers. I soldered extensions onto the original motherboard so I could move the controls to the body of the unit for accessibility. I then sealed the base with a rubber gasket to create a sealed enclosure for the subwoofer and installed feet.
I created fiberglass composite speaker enclosures where the foam impact wings were.
Controls integrated into base.
I then added LED lighting to showcase the speakers.
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Misc. Product Designs and Prototypes

Some of the furniture, toy, and decor items I've had a hand in.

Adam Petrucci
Product Development, Engineering, and Design Franklin Township, NJ