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Project overview.
Ideation sketch.
Main controls and indicators.
Interchangeable licensed art insert. Opaque portions of the graphic are backlit.
Smartphone UX.
Crib mounting solution.
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iHome Bluetooth Crib Speaker

Commissioned to design a Bluetooth speaker that would fit any crib without the use of multiple crib-specific brackets, this unit can be mounted on MOST crib side rails and can be used as a standalone. The incorporation of licensed character art was one of the constraints, so I incorporated a replaceable LED backlit screen-printed art panel in addition to Glow-tunes. I also mapped the Bluetooth functionality as it pertains to this application so the use of the technology now becomes feasible. I was responsible for every aspect of this project from ideation hand- sketches to SolidWorks renderings to marketing collateral and engineering break-outs.

Adam Petrucci
Product Development, Engineering, and Design Franklin Township, NJ