A to B AUDI Global Mobility System (TANDEM)

The idea behind this vehicle arises from the need of transporting people ina more efficient way by minimizing the energy consumption by reducing the overal weight and dimensions and by downsizing the drivetrain.
The Tandem intends to emulate the same architecture and passenger accommodation as a scooter. It is powered by a 15 hp 250cc, 4 stroke combustion engine (similarly to a scooter), which gives it an autonomy of about 35km per liter.
This packaging allows the vehicle to load about 170kg (375lb), using only the necessary power and fuel for its transportation.
The M1 Tandem is based around an inner aluminum tubular frame, dressed with a carbon-fibre composite outer body to maximize its lightness. The front suspension is planned to be designed with a liner system to increase the Tandem´s stability on curves.

The interior space is maximized so that the user can perceive the same degree of comfort and space of a conventional mid-size sedan vehicle.

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Arturo Millan
DESIGNER mexico, Mexico