The Art of Mobility project was developed by the design students at Rigoletti in collaboration with Nissan Design America (NDA).
he sculpture – unveiled at the school on February 2nd – features a mix of muscular and dynamic volumes, and aims at capturing the essence of Nissan design and imagining how the future transportation design in Latin America could look like.

For the project the main inspirations were iconic Nissan’s cars (GT-R, Maxima and 370Z), conceptual aviation, modern architecture and nature.

Nissan Art of Mobility Sculpture by RigolettiThe sculpture was developed by Alejandro Miranda, Arturo Millan, Kin Moreno, Mauricio Jhoset, Mauro Juarez, Miguel Exiga and Ricardo Casillas, in collaboration with NDA designers Robert Bauer, Randy Rodriguez and Ryan Campbell.

3D digital data from Rigoletti was used to create the full size sculpture at NDA’s facility in Mexicali, México assisted by Abraham Castillo, Carlos Sánchez, Librado Arballo and Israel Villegas.

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Arturo Millan
DESIGNER mexico, Mexico