Sleepmate - A concept of a personal device to enable the user to sleep while commuting on public transport without missing their stop. Modeled and rendered using a combination of SDRC I-Deas and Alias Studio Tools.
Dolphin Recliner - Concepts of high tier contempary furnature. These armchair/recliners were designed in a modern style but with inspiration taken from the 1960's and 70's "beautiful years".
Nebulite - Hand Powered Portable Nebuliser for Asthmatics.
Bathsafe - A bath safety device for parent and child. Prevents bath from being over-filled by sounding an alarm when water reaches a certain level, and uses colour coded LED's to indicate whether the water is too hot, too cold or just right.
Millenium Mile Public Seating - A concept for the re-design of riverside seating for milenium mile in Waterloo, London. This concept was modeled using Solidworks and rendered using Alias Studio Tools.
Bespoke Recycling Compartment Bin - The client wanted a "sexy" pedal bin to replace their existing recycling bin in the meeting rooms of their chain of hotels. It's inclined lid gives the right amount of visibility to the colour coded compartments inside from the user's operating position, while it's curved form compliments it's clinical surroundings.
Bespoke Recycling Compartment Bin 2 - Another concept for a hotel meeting room recycling bin. Evolving the classic drum design to a composite of three partial cylinders to create an eye catching form and reflection array.
General Product Design
Aaron Muller
Designer / Design Engineer London, United Kingdom