HARVEST linen jacket MANDARIN cotton shirt WETLAND cotton/linen Chinos
PADI cotton placket tee
UKON PADI cotton placket tee
UKON asymmetric leather vest
HANAMI print bamboo twill trouser

GRASSHILL silk shirt
HANAMI print bamboo twill pant
BLOOM print silk jacket
SAKURA silk suede cuff pant
GRASSHILL silk shirt
SAKURA silk suede cuff pant
BIRD FIELD print silk dress
Abby Oey - Birds of a Field. Lookbook

Graduate Collection, Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand. 2011.
RTW menswear and womenswear mini collection- Birds of Field- Full design process from research, patternmaking through to the final product. The collection was inspired by a vintage textile print and the rice field workers of Asia.
This collection is about colour, print, simplicity,playfulness and comfort. Made for people who lead a contemporary lifestyle, value quality fabrics and construction.
Made from natural fabrics and the textiles are my own custom designs.
Photography- Adam Abernethy
Hair & makeup- Paige Best
Models - Callum & Erin @ Clyne Models

Abby Oey
Fashion Designer- Graduate student Auckland, New Zealand