Adjusted for mobile phone
Adjusted for Tablet

is the name of Web design and Advertisement agency that I passed an internship.
The main use of the website is selling assistant support services to the clients. In this case website users define as an Admin and Users. Three tables created for the database that was consist of user, assistant request and time charge request records.
Within the only 100 hour I had I designed
for the very first time minimal graphic
web pages based on the only graphical
element that was accessible which
was the agency’s logo.
To obtain user-friendly performance of
the website, cognitive graphic principals
was respected. For this, user in every pages has the maximum access to different options that the website offers through designed menus and icons. Other than simplicity due to maximize the performance of website using high resolution images and vast using graphical elements was avoided to reduce risk of low speed page loading.
The website is responsive and adjustable for different devices.