Vapor System Rendering - Digital reading device for students and wireless router with on-board hard drive.

Modeled in Rhino, rendered using Hypershot
Vapor Intro
General Overview - Slipstream brand overview
Vapor product background
Vapor System
Make it your own - Pick a light color to show some personality.
Convenient Reading - Download and read books. Watch integrated videos and browse picture galleries in high quality color and resolution.
Find Recipes - Download and cook with new recipe books and watch videos on new cooking techniques. Quickly change serving amounts and find nutritional information.
Thinness - OLED screen technology and a titanium alloy shell allow for an amazingly thin profile.
Reading at lunch
Vapor Router - Modeled in Rhino, rendered using Hypershot
SCAD - VTech Project

In a sponsored project with VTech, Adam's senior project at SCAD was developed on the theme of the "Connected Home". Increasing versatility of devices is an ever-growing trend in our world. Our devices now permeate almost every task and hobby we can perform throughout our daily lives.

This touchscreen tablet / e-reader creates a portal for students at home and in the classroom. The hard drive equipped wireless router creates a storage place for text books, assignments, or personal documents.

*this project was developed before the launch of the iPad

Adam Green
Industrial Designer Atlanta, GA