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The project utilizes modern technology to give elderly individuals the sense of independence they desire while also giving their family peace of mind. It demonstrates how patience, family, pharmacist, and doctor will be involved in the event and future medical system will develop. EasyPill is a smart cloud medical system composed by a pill reminder, an exclusive application, and a cloud data base. The main concept of Easypill is based on "Internet of things", which integrates domestic medical devices to improve efficiency of medical system through a pill reminder, Pillpad.

The PillPad is designed with an integrated form and intuitive usage to optimize the dosing scenario of elders. The app-based system works hand-in-hand with an electronic pill pad. When it’s time to take a specific medicine, that portion of the case lights up to give the notification to the elderly users, while monitoring the dosage situation and informs the related ones.

Chung-Yen Chang
Product Designer Milano, Italy