Patchwork - furniture for corridors.
Patchwork is a system of furniture that which allows the user to arrange the interior of corridor in a functional and appealing way. The most characteristic element of this system is a surface covered with module panels.
Tests - scale, proportions.
Two versions of finishing, storage details.
Final prototype presented at the Arena Design 2014 and Budma 2014 in Poznan, Poland.
Furniture in use.
Elastic strips - easy to store scarves, caps.
Storage space underneath the seat.
Sliding system with storage space for shoes.
Separate smaller storage element to hang on the wall.
Patchwork - furniture for corridors

The project was executed as a team work in collaboration with Joanna Fredrych at a request of Dig-net, a company that has developed a prototype of the entire system.

The design was presented at the Arena Design 2014 in Poznan and Budma 2014 in Poznan, Poland.

Agata Nowak
Furniture & Product Designer Warszawa, Poland