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Mime Tug O War
Sewer Creature Sketch
Sewer Creature
Nomad Dwarf
Chaos Queen
Gluttonous Stalagmite Creature
Burlesque Debutante
Via Firenze
"The Argo" Concepts
Black Lung Miscreants
Troll and Goblin Concepts
The Maniacal Mime Masticates Marbles on Mars
Mucous Torrent
The Feeding
Sullivan the Sailor Mime
The Snare
Pied Piper
Reptilian Fiend
"The Others" Costume Concepts for the film "Stones" (Currently in Post Production)
Kona Confronted scene for "Stones""
Keanani and stonde scene for the "Stones" (currently in Post-Production)
Props and Floorplan for Cave scene for "Stones"
Props and Floor plan for Cave scene for "Stones"
Ducati Monster Concept
Winning Design for Nationwide Ducati Monster 1100s motorcycle Design Contest
"Ricky" Costume Design for Film Project
"Wally" Costume Design for Film Project
Alan's Portfolio
Alan Villanueva
Illustrator and Concept Artist Torrance, CA