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LEDHIS+BRINQUEDOS | Sustainable packaging project

Project aim:
develop a packaging for a led lamp wich should permit a leap frog in the energy consumption of low income users of Brazil trought led technology potentials.

Project Solution:
a packaging for the main lamp and a packaging for the additional modules of the main lamp.
Both are designed to be realized in only one process of the machine, to reduce energy and material consumption.
The box of the main lamp contain two pack of popcorn as antishok material, after opened the packaging can be destinated to a second life: in it are designed three strategy games to be played with popcorn.
the packaging of modules are designed to become four different cardboard sculture/games.

Why Games:
Cause almost 33 million of brasilian childs between 0-9 year old are from low income families, where low salaries often doesnt permit to spend in childhood games.

The prototipe of this product has been produced by EMBRART, the main and most inovative brasilian Packaging Industry.

Alessio Ravera Chion
Msc Ecodesign Torino, Italy