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T-shirt design for a collaboration with the Minneapolis clothing store Fifth Element
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T-shirt design for the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis) Teen Arts Council alumni show.
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Get Cryphy - T-shirt design for Minneapolis monthly dance party Get Cryphy
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T-shirt concept for Minneapolis dance party Get Cryphy.
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Bread Chips Cheese Lettuce Cake - Personal project. All of these things are terms for money. Thought it would be funny to make that a graphic and see how many people got it.
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Livin' in the City - A lyric from a Jimi Hendrix song that was sampled by Tribe Called Quest. T-shirt graphic for a project that fell through. Still printed a few shirts up myself though because i liked the graphic.
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Get Cryphy Heavy Metal - T-shirt concept for Minneapolis dance party Get Cryphy.
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Various Logos - Logo for Philadelphia band Bodega, and two logos for various Mecca shirt designs
Hand done type treatments - For various projects
Crunk Monster logo - Logo for Minneapolis DJ duo Crunk Monster
Volume Skateboards - Graphic for Volume Skateboards. Used on decks and clothing.
Type Modifications - Various modifications of existing type.
Hand done type - Hand done type for various projects
Volume Skateboards lava deck
Logo alterations - Logo alterations for various projects.
Type modifications - Type modifications for various projects
Crunkmas Poster - Poster for holiday party held at The Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis, MN.
MPLS Kids Have More Fun - Hand done typography for MPLS Kids Have More Fun party in Minneapolis.
Phenom logos - Identity concepts for Phenom boutique in Saint Paul Minnesota. The one on the bottom was chosen as the shop logo.
Stamp Collection - Hand done stamps for use on various Mecca clothing designs.
Green House - Type modifications for Green House Clothing.
Volume Skateboards - Deck graphics for Volume Skateboards.
Volume Skateboards Type - Hand done typography for Volume Skateboards. Will be used on T-Shirts and Hoodies.
Get Cryphy Splatter - T-shirt concept for Minneapolis dance party Get Cryphy.
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