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Alias Modeling Murcielago

After using Maya for about 3 years, I switched to Alias for all my computer models. Till now, I have been using Alias for 10 years, and my models cover from products to interaction interfaces, from accessories to toys.

Finally, I decided to take the challenge of modeling an automobile, which demands so much of my surface-control skills and abilities. Lamborghini Murcielago is, of course, my best favorite car in the world, and modeling this Italian beast is a perfect way to deeply study, understand and master class A surfaces in Alias.

As the first time taking on car surfaces, some parts in this model are not class A surfaces. Some surfaces have multiple spans. To fix this, I have to go back and modify my curves and rebuilt most of the surfaces. After all, I decided to leave it as is and improve these aspects in my upcoming Aventador model.

Thanks for tuning in.

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Yang Ji
Industrial Designer Los Angeles, CA