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Star Wars set design. Sculpty model of the Star Wars DeathStar painted over in acrylic paint and marker, mounted on black presentation board. Silicone mold model of a Darth Vader Pez Dispenser painted over in acrylic paint. Stormtroopers army created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, printed on paper and mounted on black presentation boards. All props are mounted on a stage made of foam core.
Titanic set design. Props made of foam core and presentation boards. Paper maché side walls using Titanic news articles, glue, and acrylic paint. Back wall and floor also done in acrylic paint. Iceberg created using foam core and acrylic paint.
"Mini Manny" Dodger Munny bobble head. A spring is inserted into the head of the munny and connected to the body to convert figure into a bobble head. The face and shoes are drawn using marker. The hair is made of yarn & glued onto surface. Bandana is made of blue fabric. Foam finger glove is made of blue felt pieces sewn together, details drawn in white paint. Baseball bat is made of a yellow #2 pencil, cut and shaved into bat shape, painted over with brown marker and white acrylic paint.
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