croquet shoe - 2006 This shoe is part of a whole design concept around the subject "croquet". (dissertation in cooperation with adidas) It is specially designed for a new urban version of the game, free from strict rules and fix places.
croquet shoe - The upper is devided into two parts. The lateral side is made of white leather with laser engraved and tonal printed stripes The medial side comes with a mesh material that lets the 3 stripes show through. The front part of the foot is saved by caps, which continues the outsole
croquet shoe - The asymmetric shape gives the clean upper a modern but simple appearance.
croquet shoe - The croquet logo is embroidered at the heel.
croquet shoe - The croquet dot at the front of the outsole helps the player to stabilize the ball while doing a croquet-shot.
croquet shoe sketches - some sketches of the design process
croquet shoe sketches - Final design of the croquet shoe.
croquet fashion - 2006 This croquet fashion is part of a whole product range giving the croquet sport new urban aspects. (dissertation in cooperation with adidas) The logo is embroidered on the back of each fashion item. White is the dominating colour of the basic line. The tops, both male and female, come in four colors shown in the logo dots.
croquet game set - 2006 This croquet set is part of a whole product range giving the croquet sport new urban aspects. (dissertation in cooperation with adidas) The croquet set includes 4 mallets, 4 balls and 10 hoops. Balls and mallets exsist in the four playing colours shown in the logo (with the four dots). The structure of the hard rubber ball guarantees equal rolling characteristics on any surface.
croquet fashion - Two designs of the fashion collection. Both, shirts and pants, are items of the basic line coming in white, the traditional croquet color.
croquet fashion - outfit - Two outfits of the fashion collection.
croquet fashion - pants men - Every fashion item is made of two different materials: mesh + cotton or mesh + polyester.
croquet fashion - ... on urban places with hard underground.
croquet fashion - You can play with the new croquet collection on soft ground as well as....
croquet fashion - Urban croquet and the whole collection is a new expression of lifestyle!
croquet fashion - sketches - outfits for men: pants and polo shirt shorts and hooded shirt
croquet fashion - sketches - outfit for women
croquet fashion - sketches - outfit for women: skirt and polo shirt
croquet fashion men
croquet fashion women
croquet mallet - The mallet comes in four different colours as you can see on the top of the handle and at the base. The colored parts at the base show the iconic shape of the hoops following the design language of the collection. The two changeable, white components on both sides of the base are made of resistant nylon and comes in different shapes.
croquet hoops - The hoops can be placed into each other to reduce the size.
croquet hoops - The hoops are able to stand in two positions depending to the ground conditions. The outline of the hoop becomes the iconic design element that can be found on any product of the croquet collection. It`s the main element visualizing the design language of the collection.
croquet case - The croquet case is made of leather with two mesh covered windows on the top. The four balls placed in a seperate bag create the croquet logo on the outside.
croquet case - Every part of the game fits perfectly into the case. The mallets can be minimized to a lenght of 50 cm. This reduces the size of the case to only 52x20,5x18cm.
croquet mallet sketches - The final mallet. The mallet size can be adapted to the users needs with a telescope mechanic. The size can be set from 90cm to 50cm.
croquet mallet sketches - sketches show various solutions of the mallet.
croquet case - The design of the croquet case offers different ways of carrying.
croquet case sketches - design sketches of the case usage
Croquet collection


Alice Kaiserswerth
Senior Footwear Designer Munich/Boston, Germany