Dekh! Dekh! has many branches. These are high Fidelity mocks of the chat section of the app.
Dekh! Dekh! chat app's main feature is that it has built in Keyboard for many languages. Also the app has been designed in such a way that the language of the app itself can be changed to one of these languages. This creates true accessibility for the users of the app.
Core mascots of the Dekh! Dekh! universe.
Dekh! Dekh!

Dekh! Dekh! is a universe designed specially for the Indian and South Asian audience in mind. There are alot of ways of interacting with others in this universe. I had the pleasure of doing the UI work on the chat app. I also did UX design of Duniya, the core social networking section of Dekh! Dekh! Since its still in development I cant show it here. Hopefully I can show it soon in future.

Amrinder Singh nagi
UX/ UI Designer, Games and Apps, 10+ yrs of experience New Delhi, India