Log In / Sign up screen © Parlor Inc.
Profile screen © Parlor Inc.
The main call screen. Press Next to move to next random caller. Press Flag to report an inappropriate caller. Press end to end call and go back to the topic screen. © Parlor Inc.
Many different topics to choose from. Pressing any topic will connect you to another person randomly in the topic's chatroom. © Parlor Inc.
Parlor is also available on Android. © Parlor Inc.
Parlor - iOs/ Android app

Parlor is the only app where you can truly enjoy talking. Select a topic and Parlor will instantly connect you to another likeminded user who wants to talk about the same topic. It’s like picking up the phone and calling a friend.

- Parlor is totally anonymous.
- Talk about any topic, anytime.
- Parlor is 100% free to use.
- There are no time limits.
- Add Profile picture.
- Create a nickname.
- Flag rude or abusive users.
- Available for both iOs and Android.
© Parlor Inc.

Amrinder Singh nagi
UX/ UI Designer, Games and Apps, 10+ yrs of experience New Delhi, India