FORM EXPLORATIONS - This is just a sample of some sketches through the form exploration process. Here we were trying to incorporate the kicker "feeling" into the products. The top is an I POD adapter and the bottom one is the Bluetooth transmitter, which would be hooked up to the car's analogue audio system.
KICKER MP3 PLAYER - This is the Kicker Mp3 Player we designed which bring a more simplistic way of carrying your music.
IPOD ADAPTER - This piece connects to the Ipod and allows it to connect to the bluetooth system that would be installed to the car.
KICKER SYSTEM - These are the three products we created as a family. The Bluetooth adapter would be installed into the audio system of the car. From there on, it would connect to the ipod adapter through the bluetooth technology and/or the Kicker Mp3 player (Slammer).
Slammer Project
Andrea Londono
Industrial and Graphic Designer Barranquilla, Colombia