Mapping - 2D and 3D maps

This project presents my skills in mapping and digital cartography, meaning maps creation and design from scratch using digital programs like ArcMap and QGIS. These maps are created based on geographical knowledge and requirements, following cartographic designs rules. Digital maps can be used in the digital environment for web maps, but also these maps could be printed in various purpose. Maps may be created based on my own ideas or based on clients’ requirements and needs.

I can create a various range of maps in the general maps and thematic maps types (tourist maps; cycling maps; hiking maps; dynamic maps showing spatial evolution etc.). The advantage of using digital mapping is that any spatial representation may have a wide range of attributes behind the spatial representation of the area. Another advantage is that as soon as an area has a map in digital format, it can be updated quickly and at lower costs for the client.

Freelance, Full-time
Andreea Grosu
Graphic Designer Hunedoara, Romania