Summary of 2010 work - Image consisting of Trapped bear figurine vase, Ipod amplifiers, Trapped vase, and cloud vases.
Trapped Vase (with ceramic splashes) - My attempt at taking some decent photos of my uni work... Slip cast vase set within an oak frame that can be set both vertically and horizontally.
Post Card Art for Ceramic Amplifiers - Trying to come up with a simple yet descriptive image for my postcard...
Earbud Amplifiers - Ceramic trumpets that amplify the sound produced by ear bud headphones, held in oak frames. Designed in conjunction with the more powerful Sennheiser earbud headphones. These work well in a small room, and actually make quite a nice sound.
My attempt at taking some decent photos of my work...
My attempt at taking some decent photos of my work...
Roulette Salad Bowl - A salad bowl for parties! Guests names can be written on the moving part of the roulette wheel, and that last remaining tomato or olive can used as the ball to gamble. Was originally going to be made with a roulette table cheeseboard... (Malteser version available too)
Small Ceramic Vases - Earthenware slip cast vase, white glaze. The green pattern was achieved by multiple castings using slip containing black copper oxide.
Small Ceramic Vases - Earthenware slip-cast vase, dipped in slip mixed with black copper oxide. The red is just a glaze stain.
ceramic mugs - My very first ceramic project completed in january 2008.
Cloud & Rainbow Pencil Pot - Glazed Earthenware
Roulette wheel olive bowl. - 2nd year project to try and make something in ceramic using mm precision (not always poss when firing clay). The centre of the roulette bowl spins freely purely by balancing on a peak in the middle. The idea was to create post dinner gambling device where guests names were written on the moving part in permanent marker (non perm on glaze). I dont know if anyone would ever do this type of activity, but for exploring the idea of moving parts within a ceramic object this was very successful.
Malteser Roulette dish - The centre piece spins freely using the same principle as a spinning top. The sides of the dish have a mild incline so that the Maltesers spin around the edge a few times before moving to the centre and locating on the spinning part.
family of vases - This was an old unfinished university project based on family. The vases were going to have decals subverting the natural expectations of the family relationship, (mother vase was going to have a strap on decal and father vase was going to have a gag ball decal) I ran out of time and maybe this was a lucky thing. The mother and father interlock with simple inny/outy 'belly buttons', and there is a little baby vase to go with them. I later decided they were beer, wine and shot glasses.
Two tone bone china, the heads come off for refilling. The bears are best friends and yearn to be produced by a large ceramics company.
snow lego man - made from snow, this snow lego man was created from memory, hence why parts arent quite correct. Sadly no longer with us.
bear salt and pepper (mauve background)
Ceramic work
Andrew Beaumont
designer (self service) Plymouth, United Kingdom