Mini cool box just big enough for a chocolate bar.
A mini cool box just big enough for one chocolate bar.
The bikini pattern changes every time your pens move. How exciting can life get?
Budget Riley Pencil and Eraser - This is a desk top pencil and eraser set that lets you create a new Bridget Riley style composition every day, hence Budget Riley. Am I allowed to make an Apple shaped version?
Sperm race pencil and eraser set - The more you use your pencils the more they get sharpened. Eventually a sperm will make it to the egg.
Perfection ice cubes - Silicone ice cube tray with shapes from the board game perfection which arent really suitable for ice cubes. V2 in progress.
Zebra pencil pot - Pencil holder/eraser and pencils
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Andrew Beaumont
designer (self service) Plymouth, United Kingdom