" Responsible design - in search of balance. Build awareness of man as an strategy of environmental protection. Physical and psychological aspects of modern man and his relations with nature - supporting facilities". "The idea of human exit in space. Attempt to draw attention to modern man on the surrounding nature - contact with the outside world" PROJECT: ANETA KOSTANSKA SUPERVISOR: prof.zw. BOGUMILA JUNG
PROJECT IDEA *lack of balance /threat/ *powerful force of individual human activity *man as an element of nature *human isolation from the outside world as a consequence of modern lifestyle ---------------------------------------- MEASUREMENT OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD ---------------------------------------- OPTION SHOOTING /creative world watching/ *response to movement around the globe *reaction to the height
OPTION SHOOTING /creative world watching/ *reaction to the movement of the ball *underwater photos *sound recording
THE IDEA OF CREATING ROUTES /creative exploring the world around/ MAPPING_SEARCH_TASK_AWARDS
MULITI-SPHERE /multifunctional building/ construction_sketches_operating principle /control panel + compass/
DOCKING STATION construction_search form_preview/sorting data_projector
master thesis project 2009

concept design_degree'09