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BioSlimDisk IDEA - Driven by a patented build-in fingerprint processing technology, brings a new dimension of security and mobility to your data environment. It provides driver less on-board fingerprint authentication with a simple swipe of your finger and ensure maximum mobile data security. All personal and confidential information are now secured at your fingertips with no worries of data security breaches even if the device is lost or stolen. No more hassle of having to remember tons of passwords.

Individually Ventilated Cage - Individually Ventilated Cage design for biological laboratory purposes
Channel Light Fittings - Channel Light Fittings Assembly Layout
Squidstir - Inspired by the "design" of ocean marine life form - Squid. Squidstir is a functional egg beater as well as an art piece.
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Industrial Design
Ang Yau Fei
Singapore, Singapore