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"Softly" baby bottle - 2005 - A group project which was an extension of a group member's ergonomic design. The aim of the extension was to apply Tiger's Four Types of Pleasures (physiological, sociological, psychological and ideological) to appeal to our client's needs, wants and expectations. Endographic research, user centered data and market research surveys were used to guide our decisions.

End result was a silicone bottle with a temperature indicator on the side.
Detached coffee cup - 2006 - Using the Bob Kaufman poem "As Usual" for inspiration, I created a coffee cup for the illy brand. I worked from developmental hand sketches to a 3D Rhinoceros model.
Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dish - 2006 - A poetic object that describes the relationship of the couple in Bertlot Brecht's short story "the Answer" (1924). The objects are rendered models but represents stainless steel wire woven into lace. The lace is the embodiment of the wife's strength and gently covers or cups the couple.
Bunny Chair - 2007 - Like the rabbit changes its coat for the season, this chair also adapts to the user's changing taste. Cold-rolled steel frame is covered in a hot pink, fleece slip cover.
Industrial Design