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Art of the Bay & Art Bay Gifts ®- Identity and Branding.
South Seas Food Alberta LTD O/A United Halaal Meats- Logo Identity
Bohe ICT Enterprises B.V- Identity and branding
Davis RF Engineering Inc. - Radio frequency waves from special software device along with tagging various endangered species tracks how these animals live and their whereabouts are studied by scientists and biologists.
Canadian Institute of Planners- Identity and Branding.
Profile Health Resources Inc. Identity - Profile Health Resources Inc. located in Quebec supplies Fitness Products, Nutritional Supplements and distributes Medical/Health Care Products nationwide. They wanted their Logo to incorporate a mapleleaf and the fleur-de-lys symbol. The snake around the stem is a well known symbol in the Medical industry.
Sienna Fire Design®- Identity and Branding.
Cup & Pillow™- Identity and Branding
Titan Sound Studio- A recording studio Logo with an appropriate CD shaped Business card layout.
DAM and Doern logos for his custom Lapsteel guitar design business. It's in a "Rockabilly" style along with a vintage, ticket shaped Business card in the same style.
New York Pizza and Donair Logo.
Athabasca River Movies- Family Movies All Along the River. Logo was based off a popular river destination in Jasper National Park. The movies are PG-13.
Eye-Q Security Networks Identity - Logo promotes their Digital Video Recorder Monitoring software.
MyCandyCams.com- Adult webcam Logo and banner branding.
Vitrak Systems Inc. Identity - Vitrak Systems Inc. is a research and development corporation dedicated to the production of patented technology known as the Vitrak Floor Monitoring System which is able to measure the contact between foot and floor in real time. This technology represents a significant medical breakthrough for Alzheimers patients.The green "A" is modified to look as though it is stepping onto the floor surface. The second logo is simply an acronym of the company name and is italicized to show movement.
Zacc Fitness Identity - Zacc is a professional when it comes to health and fitness. He targets mainly lawyers and doctors as they lead a busy lifestyle. He motivates and educates his clients "to reach higher" towards their personal fitness goals.
Mayes Bros Gourmet Foods- Identity and Branding
Child Find Nova Scotia- Identity and Branding
Vision International Design Conference 2001- Identity and Branding.
Walk on water Gifts LLC.- Logo
Bobbin Buddies Logo
WOWA- Logo for an emerging IT company
WOWA and WOWAIT- Logo for an emerging IT company
Split Endz Hair Design- Logo and Business card layout.
Ovation Nutrition Logo
BC logo
Brand and Identity Design
Kate P
Volunteers Free anything in Design or Art Edmonton, Canada