Peripheral Dilemma
clouds - something about you make me swell
Bubbles in rose pond - Since when did I start associating fish with rose? is it romantic? I dont know. It just happened and it happened very much before i closed my eyes.
Me - Few Blinks Off My Head

Runaway - Its okay to be....
Ramped - why are they so damn serious? A smile will do for sure
Floating Head - Floating on a white plane
Willfully Wet - Yesterday it rained. I heard thunder :-) and my daughter sang her rhyme... pitter patter rain drops...I am wet through.

Happiness thrives on simple things and simple things are just around... like streaming sunlight or dripping branches... or a washed out stretch of road on a blooming valley.

Still my hunt continues... Truth just eludes me
Loonie Monie - IN the depth of my hidden brain... I dream... and the imagination is just there... hanging like a bat and screeching for the flood light to pass.
Conversation - Smouldering words and passing glances... heart burns and smokes silently in the cold of -35 degree centigrade.

Wish it could be taken out and thawed...
Aurobinda Pradhan
Designer Bangalore, India