Identity Marks - Various Logo Designs
Broad Creek- Freelance and currently in use.
Dodge Lamb and Harley Davidson, rebranded identity marks.
Love Shot - An example of my process when designing and concepting. Sketches are brought to poster design and smaller greeting card. All work is Valentines Day themed.
Lulan Artisans - Philosophy boards, brochure, and catalog pages for an all natural, handwoven fabric manufacturor and retailer.
Penguin Book Series - Redesigns of banned book covers for 70th anniversary of Penguin Books. Imagery is tied in with central theme of each book by using written forms of communication and elements of freedom of speech.
Serena Oliver - CD booklet designs, fan club card, and press release for Latin/Asian inspired musician. Personal Photography used, additionally, all copy written by myself.
Christian Petersen
Art Director Savannah, GA