Harmony Olive Oil - Flavored olive oil assortment in stainless steel containers with rotating wooden carousel.
Tabasco Brand Hot Peppers - Packaging/POP TABASCO Brand Chipotles (smoked Chilis) Individually wrapped chipotles displayed in a pine POP unit with branded logo appearing on a multi-use (shipping and display) sliding lid.
Four-In-Hand Apparel - Exterior and interior views of: tie and cuff link, sunglasses & watch packagings (Illustrator: Sarah Workman)
Preservation Hall Jazz Band Album Covers - A series of three vinal album covers featuring the Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans, LA (Photographer: Kevin Griggs)
Atlanta Thrashers Hockey - A direct mail piece for Atlanta Thrashers season ticket holders. Inside the puck shaped box there is a seat cushion introducing their new web site and the current seasons schedule.