The Horizontal Shuttle combines the planar dimension of ships with the longitudinal mobility of a submarine to deliver a new concept in marine transportation.
Hydrodynamics mean that the underwater platform must have a slim, symmetrical, teardrop or almond-shape. The cabin must also possess open views and be completely airtight. The surface platform must be at least a certain width as well for stability at sea. A vessel that can move both on the surface and underwater must incorporate a mechanism that resolves the conflicting requirements of a narrow tear drop-shaped underwater hull and wide beam on the surface.
The Horizon Shuttle features a winged triple catamaran design that expands from a slim, underwater tear drop-shaped submarine into a trimaran surface vessel. Steel chains, hinges and hydraulic rods are used to expand or contract the wings to maximize the internal cabin space. Such a design also offers benefits in terms of wing structure strength and stability.

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Buffon Wang