MG Surf - MG Surf is a1+1 tandem sport car. It was designed to achieve minimum track for urban usage while maintain sport enthusiasm spirit of MG heritage.
MG Surf : Context & Scenario
MG Surf : Small Track, More Agile - The car was designed to have a minimum track and width to improve agility in tight urban area.
MG Surf - Minimum track may cause instability when driving with a high speed. So the front wheels of the car can extend forward to increase the front track of the car and provide more stability in a sport mode.
MG Surf : Vehicle to Vehicle Tethering - I remember my lecturer told me about driving culture in Britain. Some driver blink the high beam in order to greet another driver who drives the same branded car. So when we designed the MG Surf, we wanted to inherit the British heritage into the car. MG Surf driver can blink the high beam in order to request a connection with another MGs. If the request is granted, two cars can be connected and enable sharing. It is an interpreting of cultures and modern technologies.
MG Surf : Concept Package
MG Surf - We tried to identify the keywords for MG. We believed they are: - Social Spirit - Driving Enthusiasm - Anyone & Anytime
MG Surf
Siriphong Roongruengvuthikul
Industrial & Automotive Designer London, United Kingdom