Captain Bryant - Captain Bryant | . Blade Runner 2012 Collection . | Beery | Bryant is the captain of the Rep-Detect department of the Los Angeles police department. His job in the film is to deal with a group of escaped Nexus-6 replicants (whom he refers to as "skinjobs") that have landed on Earth. |
Hannibal Chew - 20Hannibal Chew | . Blade Runner 2012 Collection . | Beery | Hannibal Chew works for the Tyrell Corporation as a genetic engineer . His job is to create the eyes for the replicants, Roy and Leon's, in this case. In the film, the replicants visit him while he is working in a freezer. The replicants pressure him into telling them who can get them into Tyrell's inner sanctum. |
Fu - Fu | . Blade Runner 2012 Collection . | Beery | Asian street soup server to Deckard. |
Gaff - Gaff | . Blade Runner 2012 Collection . | Beery | Gaff, a mysterious character in the film, presents his compulsory invitation to Deckard in a street lingo called Cityspeak, a mixture of German, Spanish, and Japanese. As a fellow cop, he is quickly identified as being very different from Deckard through the ways he dresses and behaves. He tends to make little Origami figures. |
Leon Kowalski - Leon Kowalski | . Blade Runner 2012 Collection . | Beery | Leon Kowalski is a replicant who came to Earth with five others looking to extend their lives. He has an A physical level, which enables him to have super-human strength and endurance. Leon is classified mental level C. He doesn't have the speed of thought that Roy does when it comes to solving problems. |
Pris - Pris | . Blade Runner 2012 Collection . | Beery | Pris is a "basic pleasure model" portrayed (incepted on St. Valentine's Day). She meets with and becomes friends with J.F. Sebastian. Pris is also the girlfriend of fellow replicant Roy Batty. At an A Physical Level, she is shown to have super-human endurance. Her B Mental Level puts her at a lower intellectual level than Roy. She is ultimately retired by Deckard.
Rachael - Rachael | . Blade Runner 2012 Collection . | Beery | Rachael is the latest experiment of Eldon Tyrell. Tyrell believes that as the replicants have such a limited lifespan, they have little time to develop control of their emotions, causing difficulty managing them. He believes implanting them with memories would create a cushion which would allow for emotional development, and make them more controllable.
Roy Batty - Roy Batty | . Blade Runner 2012 Collection . | Beery | Roy Batty is the leader of the renegade Nexus-6 replicants. He is very intelligent, fast, and skilled at combat, and yet still learning how to deal with developing emotions. With an A Physical Level (superhuman strength & endurance) and an A Mental Level (genius level intellect), he is probably the most dangerous of all the fugitive replicants. He is a combat model, used off-world for military service. |
Blade Runner 2012 Collection
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