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Audi GT
Gentle Landing - Photoshop CS4
BMW coupe sketch
Tokyo racer
BMW quickies
Audi R10 - Mid Engine
Audi R10 - Mid engine
Aston 2
Aston Martin Veloce
Lamborghini Cachazo
1st render - More pics coming
Cachazo facelift! - So I had a look at some of my old designs and found the Lambo Cachazo. I really like the basic shape of it and decided to do another version of it, a facelift basically. Since it's a rainy sunday I took my time with it, around 5 hours of painting on a 3d base. The car is breaking really hard for some reason, hence the glowing discs :)
Sundvall town center 2030
Sundsvall town center 2030
Triker rear
Lamborghini Cachazo
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Old stuff
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