Front and rear view of the 1:35 scale QF18pdr kit
Sprue layout for the ammunition limber
Double sprue - common for all kits
Common limber sprue
Carriage limber, shileds closed
Carriage limber, shields open
Work in progress May 2014
Work in progress May 2014
Work in progress May 2014
Early screenshot from 2013
Early screenshot showing assembly parts list
Comparison of an existing 1:35 scale kit for proof of concept
The humble beginnings - creation of a 1:35 scale mock-up for proof of concept.
1:35 scale British artillery piece

A personal project started after I finished at Wingnut Wings, this is a British 13pdr artillery piece from WW1. An ammunition limber is in the process of being modelled for it, and they will then both be released as a kit for retail sale.

Ben Woodhouse
Industrial Designer Newcastle, Australia