Front view of the QF13 pdr
Rear view of the 13pdr
Exploded view showing kit assembly for the 13pdr
Front view of the mid era QF18pdr, shown with hydraulic reservoir attached to the recuperator.
Rear view of the 18pdr
Exploded view of the 18pdr kit
18pdr - now in colour!
More colour of the 18pdr
Carriage limber provided for both guns
3D print (not to actual scale) of the 18pdr. Didn't turn out as good as I was expecting, quality wise, but sufficient for a test build.
Cleaned up 3D print of the 18pdr sprue layout
1/72 scale British Ordnance QF13 and QF18pdr

A 1/72 scale version of two WW1 British artillery pieces. Meticulously researched to be as accurate as possible given the scale. The guns were designed and modelled for an injection moulded kit, these designs are available for sale.

Ben Woodhouse
Industrial Designer Newcastle, Australia