Alto Gear Ice Screw Wrap

The Alto Gear + @Iceclimbing Ice screw wrap is the result of over a year worth of development, design, and testing. I teamed up with Canadian climber/photographer Tim Banfield to create the ultimate way for ice climbers to store ice screws, solving issues with the very few current products in the market.
We wanted to create a product that held a full rack worth of ice screws and wrapped up tightly to save space in a backpack and protect the screws. After testing out several designs and prototypes, I came across the idea of using billboard vinyl for the product. Billboard vinyl is durable, waterproof, and uv-resistant, making it an ideal choice for this type of product.

The Ice Screw Wrap launched in Nov. 2020. each Wrap is made from upcycled billboard vinyl, saving billboards from landfills. I was also able to produce every ice screw wrap in Colorado, something I am very proud of.

The Ice Screw Wrap can be viewed at

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