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The Study Hall

"The Study Hall", is a debut album by the group, "Well Educated Ink", located in Minnesota.

I was approached by my friend, the guy on the far left to design their album cover. We spoke briefly over the phone discussing what realm of a design his group would like and what my deadline was. I was sent a few images to use and was set free to do what I do best, create impactful designs.

I decided that I liked one of the images I was sent but not the setting they were in and since I wasn't able to host a photoshoot to get the exact image I wanted I had to do some photo manipulation and create the closest idea to it that I could!

In this album cover, the artists were already sitting at the desks they are at but they were not in this room. I created the content for the chalkboard, did some clone stamping for the carpet, placed the name tags on the desk, the glasses on the desk, the backpack and shadow on the floor, and the logo on the carpet.

Brian Few Jr.
DEDIC823D Minneapolis, MN