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Draft Sketches - My initial sketches for my pattern pieces based on our size 10 last.
Ideation / Process - Our brief outlined the creation of one shoe. As this was a beginning footwear design class, most of us had no sewing experience. I wanted to design a pretty basic shoe; light running or running errands. My goal was to create the upper with one sectional piece. Scanning the pattern pieces from my tracing paper allowed me now have digital copies; which I could manipulate in Illustrator before exporting them into Rhino for laser cutting.
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Materials - I had begun to gather materials during this project. I kept whatever I could find, along with whatever I bought at retail. My first trip to Mill End was an eye opener...
Final Sample - Top left was my final upper complete. I heat welded all my sections together. My sewing output here was minimal. I only had to stitch up the heel; which I covered with a vertical collar tab. I love contrast in materials, which is evident in the vamp, tongue, and toe box. The midsole was just some sculpted EVA. The outsole was some scrap from Oregon Leather which I laser cut a simple pattern into.
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Footwear Design 1
Bill Morgan
Industrial Designer / Project Coordinator Portland, OR