Vintage Muerte Skull Tattoo - Gouache on smooth Bristol paper
Broken Bones Co. - Ink and brush. Colored in Photoshop.
Lucky Brand Vintage Branding - Graphite on paper. Colored in Photoshop.
King of the Road - Ink and brush with acetone distress on paper. Colored in Photoshop.
Bruce Lee Quoted Collage - Walnut ink on Bristol paper.
Bruce Lee Collage - Pen, Ink, Photoshop.
The Wild Bunch - Brush, black ink, Bristol paper, Photoshop.
Muerte Poker Skull - Cotton sheet, black gouache.
I'll Put A Spell On You - Brush, ink, Bristol paper, Photoshop.
Pair-O-Dice - Pen, ink, Photoshop.
Fatboy Casino - Gouache on fabric.
Geisha Fuji Rock - Pen, ink, Photoshop.
Amsterdam Coffee Shop - Stippling on bond paper, acetone distressed, Photoshop.
Eagle Tattoo - Water-colored pencils, Photoshop.
Lucky Collage
Henna Peace Lotus
Koi Inspiration
Freedom Tour Poster
Lucky Brand Eagle Rock
Nashville Guitars
Muerte Skull Cross
Flag - Acrylic on illustration board.
Koi Tattoo
Emperors FTW - Japanese inspired bosozuku bike gangs.
Peacock Faith
Sparrow Love - Wet on wet stamping (experimental).
Sin City
Rock & Rock Museum
Speed Junkies - Acetone experimentation.
Sumi-e Tiger Tattoo - Sumi-e technique.
Free Spirited
Karma Lotus Music Festival
Skeletal Rocker
Love Is A Gamble
Lucky Brand Roulette
Rockin' Rattle Snake
Snake Oil - Silk screen experimentation.
Dragon Lotus
Flying Nomads - Acrylic stamping and textured screens.
Love Stinks - Watercolors
Support Bike Shop
Sparrow Strength
Nashville Guitars
Dirty Jack's Whiskey
Skull Rock
Dove Collage
Sumi-e Dragon
Triumph TR5 - Pen & ink with silk screening.
Lucky Brand Spade - Graphite on paper, colored in Photoshop.
Salty Dog Tavern
White Lightning - Gouache on canvas fabric.
United Peace
Peace Fingers - Pen & ink on bond paper.
Henna Peace Dove - Pen & Ink
Lucky Brand
Ben Kwok
Graphic Artist Pasadena, CA