Culture Crossroads

I am an avid traveler, hobby archaeologist and historian and a photographer. I love vising new places and I love telling the stories that go hand in hand with the shots. For years, I've been traveling around the Balkans, the area where I was born and live - to capture the amazing places which few people abroad have seen.

That's how the Culture Crossroads project was born.

For millennia, the Balkan area has been Europe’s highway. This has resulted in layering of cultures. Each passing tribe left its mark on the land and its inhabitants. There the beauty of nature blends with the magnificence of history.

Within this work, intend to explore the cultural and historical heritage of my homeland and show it to both locals and foreigners. The project will also focus on natural wonders, as well as traditional food. I will also look for parallels with the other Balkan countries, since culture is beyond the tangible.

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Bistra Stoimenova
Photographer Sofia, Bulgaria