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BADDOG - A good dog gone bad.
Blakkdog - Vinyl Toy Concept
THE BISHOP - Bishop Chess Piece concept
White Teeth. Blakkhart. - Screaming Blakkhart Bubble
Bubbles. Vinyl Toy Concepts - Toy concepts Cinema 4D
SPIKEDOGG2 - Vinyl Toy concept in Cinema 4D
Vinyl Toy Concept. Heddog - Vinyl Toy design concept, modeled in Cinema 4D
CHESS SET vers2 - Chess set with the Queen in a new colour scheme.
A Dead Hed - Bubble Heds. Urban toy design.
"The Stroller" 1930s Radio Detective - The Stroller is a 1930s Radio detective. An enigmatic character swathed in fog and a sort of anti-hero.
SPIKEDOGG3 - Vinyl Toy concept design made in Cinema 4D
BLAKKHED. BUBBLE. - Blakkhed an evil Bubble.
BADDOG CLOSEUP - A very bad dog.
Little Red Hed. - 3D Character Design, Carrara.
Bat - Bat Character design concept in Cinema 4D
Blokkbot and White bike. - The Blokkbot astride his white bike.
The Blokkbot Robot - Robot design concept
Shanghai, Sin City. - A deco style image. Shanghai was a city of glamour and danger.
The King - Chess piece, Character concept in Cinema 4D.
Blokkbot model kit concept - If the Blokkbot was a model kit made by Bandai.
Spacedude - He's a space dude he goes into space.
The Spacedude - The Spacedude close up. One small step for a dude.
THE BISHOP SKULL - Bishop Chess piece
Exotica. Safari on Saturn. - 1950s Exotica style image, inspired by the music of Les Baxter.
QUEEN vers2 - A new colour scheme for the Queen
Zoltan the Magician. - Retro 1930s film poster
T Shirts England Italy - T shirt designs Smiles and Winks, England Italia
THE BISHOP CLOSE-UP - The Bishop Chess Piece, character concept.
4NEKK - Vinyl Toy Concept
Mid Century Modern - Retro Mid century Modern art
The QueenWitch 3 - The Queen from the chess set
Blokkbot and Chopper. - 3D Robot and Chopper bike.
FlatHed. Curly. - Toy concept.
The Sad King - King Chess piece, Cinema 4D.
QUEEN1 vers2 - The Queen with a new colour robe.
Ugglyhed Pawn - Chess piece concept
Black Chopper - Concept Bike Cinema 4D
Vinyl Toy Concept. Cinema 4D
Model Kit concept. Robot. - Model kit concept design, if the Blokkbot was made by Bandai.
Robot Pattern
The Fox - Mr Fox gets bloody.
Bloody Fox - Mr Fox gets bloody.
Blokkbots' Three Fingers - Cinema4D work, Robot design.
Blokkbots - Concept Robots
Pantone Hed Pattern - Repeat pattern with Happy Heds and one Un-happy Hed.
THE QUEEN - A new render test with extra modeling and textures.
Blokkbot and bike.
The Blue Lotus, - Art Deco style Poster.
The Chess Set 1 - The Chess set so far. Pawn, Bishop and Queen.
The Queens Head [Test] - Chess piece. The Queen. A test render of the head, I'm working on the body at the moment.
Blokkbot close-up. - 3D design, Robot Head
The Cool Cat - Illustrator Retro 1950s
"The Shadow Knows" - Vector illustration in a Pulp style. Lamont Cranston as "The Shadow"
Blokkbot and Lazer attack. - 3D design concept.
SPIKEDOGG - Vinyl Toy concept design.
Oranges & Lemons - Character Design Illustration
Vinyl Toy packaging Concept - Vinyl toy and box packaging concept, Cinema 4D
The Kid from Space. - "The Kid from Space" Retro movie poster [crop]
Blokkbot escapes. - Concept art design.
FlatHed. Spike. - Urban toy concept.
Chopper Close-up - Concept bike
Chopper Side View - Chopper Concept
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit - Retro 50s Illustration. Mid-Century Modern. Mad men
The New King - Character Concept in Cinema 4D
Vinyl Toy Design, Blakkdog. - Vinyl Toy design concept.
Retro 1950s Science Fiction - Retro Science Fiction Poster
The Kid From Space, The Metal Man - Retro 1950s Science Fiction Poster
"The Stroller" 1940s Detective - "The Stroller" pulp detective character now in the 1940s, fighting the Nazis.
Concept Vehicle - Concept vehicle and Robots
Ugglyhed 2 - Chess piece concept
The Green Gang. 1930s style design. - Old Shanghai style poster evoking the seedy glamour of the 1930s.
The QueenWitch 1 - The Queen from the chess set.
Blokkhed RedEye - Blokkhed Character Design
The QueenWitch 2 - The Queen from the chess set.
Beatnik Girl - A true beatnik girl in the jazz club
"The Stroller" in The Fog - The Stroller in The Fog. The Radio detective from the 1930s.
Blokkbot Robot in the laboratory - Concept design for the Blokkbot laboratory scene, made with Cinema 4D.
The Laboratory - Concept art of the robot in the laboratory process tank
The Bunnu, sick bunny - Bunnu the bunny. Cute, bad and dangerous to know.
The Bunnu, the sick bunny - The Bunnu he's cute, sick and dangerous to know.
Matthew Chattle
Blokkhed. Matthew Chattle London, United Kingdom