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Concept Adidas branding for my #Tango2020R2.

Tango2020R2 with Slide Airboat Concept (click "view full size" to see animated gif)

Airboats are undeniably versatile in their utility and play a major role in many forms of water- and land-based rescue operations.

However, they are notoriously loud. Operators and passengers of today’s airboats require significant hearing protection when they are in use. The Slide Airboat Concept would feature a carbon fiber prop with maglev bearings such that it could be electrically-powered for noise abatement.

And that the Tango2020R2 would dock into the Slide Airboat, there would only be a need for a single, modular user-interface within the Tango instead of two distinct sets of controls to operate either vehicle.

The Slide Airboat would also feature autonomous and/or remotely operated capabilities to extend the usability of it as a rescue tool even without the Tango2020R2 docked inside of it.
Adidas - 1 Tango for each member of Run DMC...the original muscial trio to market Adidas.
Adidas - The J2 - An aftermarket treatment of the Tango with an Adidas makeover. The front wheels feature a hubless concept.
Adidas - Lasers - This concept features Electro-Luminescent graphics. The laser lighting is used to communicate a safe following distance...length of laser increases with speed.
Adidas - Lasers - Not only does the laser lighting act as a safety feature but also incorporates the branding aspect as well.
Adidas - RV - This is a custom RV for a custom EV. The RV also features a roof solar array with the ability to supply energy to electric vehicles.
Adidas - Tango Gullwing - Image capture from SolidWorks featuring the gullwing doors which would allow the driver easy ingress or egress from either side.
Adidas - Optimus Tango - Concept where the Tango would be the zero-emission kicks for Optimus Prime.

Adidas Tango - Branding concept featuring the Tango T600 made by CommuterCars (www.commutercars.com).

According to Rick Woodbury, president of CommuterCars, an investment of only $3000 in solar panels installed at home would provide the Tango with a renewable, domestic energy source. To contrast, the average two-car, two-commuter family in Orlando spends $5400 a year on gas during daily commutes.

source: Sentinel Express, Vol. 16, No. 25
Adidas - Blue - Branding concept for a zero-emission car that can go 0-60mph in 4 seconds and is as quiet as a pair of running shoes.

Adidas - Solar billboard - This conceptual billboard would be embedded with enough Photovotaic cells to charge 3 Tangos with an inductive charging system.
Tango Solar Charging Station - Illustration of a station that caters to alternatively-powered vehicles.

In ten minutes, the Tango could be charged to give it a 50-mile range.
Tango Swing - Concept swing that could harness the energy of two humans having fun.
Tango Downtown - A parking space for one conventional sedan will easily accommodate 4 Tangos.

In Orlando, it costs $0.25 for 15 minutes of time at a parking meter for one car.

That same space could charge a Tango owner half the price ($0.125) for the same amount of time of fifteen minutes. Four Tango owners then would be able to generate twice as much revenue for any given city. (4 x .125 = $0.50 for 15 minutes).

Thus, any city could practically double their revenue without the need for spending tax dollars on road widening projects or building additional parking garages.
Tango concept - The average-sized sedan, shown in red, is a common commuter vehicle. Unfortunately, a majority of commuters occupy this vehicle with a single occupant.

The Tango, shown in blue, would accommodate up to two people, but is designed for the solo commuter.

The Tango could not only reduce our need for foreign oil but also reduce the amount of traffic that plagues our roads today.
Tango: Urban Fabric - The blanket in these images is representative of the actual size of the Tango.

I wanted to see for myself how it could navigate an urban environment.
Nilar Powered Tango - The batteries used to supply energy for the Tango are made with an innovative patented process of Membrane Technology surpassing traditional Nickel Metal Hydride batteries with a reduced weight and increased performance.


Bumper Sticker Concept - In the time it would take to download a large file, the Tango T600 could complete the distance in a quarter-mile.
Bumper Sticker Concept - As the Tango is a zero-emission vehicle, it can't really be blamed for any offensive odors.
Tango Haiku - Diesels, turbos, nitrous, an air-cooled Beetle, Harleys...they all have a distinctive sound.

As the owner of a Tango, you will have the option of creating your own custom exhaust note with Haiku 2.0.

This software will allow you to combine different sounds from a variety of formats (i.e.: .wav,mp3).

The end result? An exhaust note with a voice as unique as your own.
Can your car do this? - SUV's and Trucks were filling a "need" in our transportation. That "need" is positively
co-related with its source of energy.

As the Big 3 scale back operations to accommodate our new "need", that is, cars with better fuel economy, the size of our transportation is also reduced in size.

The Tango has been there since before gas was $2 a gallon. And at 39" (991 mm) the Tango doesn't need a garage door. A simple doorway will fit just fine.


Plum Crazy Tango Concept - This paint scheme is based off of MOPAR's Plum Crazy Purple with white presentation for customer approval.

Plum Crazy Tango Concept - This paint scheme is based off of MOPAR's Plum Crazy Purple with white presentation for customer approval.

Plum Crazy Tango Concept - This paint scheme is based off of MOPAR's Plum Crazy Purple with white presentation for customer approval.

Layout featuring some aftermarket concepts for the Tango.
The concepts presented here is represent some forward-thinking ideas based off of existing technologies.
One of the most understated aspects of playing video games on a console system is that a wide variety of transportation methods can be operated by one standard control interface. Be it a car, motorcycle, boat, or helicopter a user can operate each without adapting to multiple interfaces. That idea was the premise behind this concept where the Tango could serve as the single modular interface for a wide variety of transportation options; here partnering with an autonomous helicopter drone.

The added external shell of the helicopter would complement the rollcage structure of the Tango providing an even greater level of protection.
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Jerry D. Elmore
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