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Casa Ticuman

This residence is located in Morelos, Mexico and one of the main targets of the project was the integration with nature. All construction is in one level and a red tile gable-roofed was selected to harmonize with the most representative characteristic of the area.

At the center of the house a rectangular pool is located surrounded by green areas and the architecture making it the exteriors highlight. The pergolas that shape the terraces around the pool stand out creating big shaded areas. Every pergola leads through different corridors to the interior and the different areas of the house.

Some walls have lattices for natural air circulation that crosses into the interior to keep it fresh and cool. The white color, selected for entire project, allows the wood and the natural color of the rest of the materials that were selected to give harmony to the whole to stand out.

Gerardo Boué
Boué arquitectos Mexico City, Mexico